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Update for Apxitex POS (v2.14.3)

We’ve recently updated our Point of Sale module and the following post is a change-log for the module:

* Fix bug with receipt not displaying correctly.
* Fix bug with double emails showing when account is loaded.
* Tweak to report page to work with Firefox browser.
* Tweak to receipt when item discount added.
* Tweak to register of amount zero setting to complete.

Every instances will be updated automatically unless the system administrator has turned off automatic updates. The update has been rolled out and might take some time to reach your system.

Please note that during the time of update there will be no interference with the normal functioning of the POS or other integrated modules. If you believe your instance missed the update or receive any email notification regarding failed update(s), please contact your Technical POCĀ in order to get it fixed.

It is not recommended that users themselves try to edit any function or work flow mechanism unless you have clear idea about the work flow and the consequences of the chances you make.