Advertising Done Right

Advertising is not just about reaching the mass. It is about creating opportunities for your business to grow by reaching the right people in a cost effective manner. Explore endless possibilities with Apxitex.

Hyper Local

Reach audience in your city through effective and innovative advertisement.

Non Traditional

Reach your audience the way you are. Completely out of the box.

Outdoor Campaigns

Reach local audiences through innovative outdoor campaign that puts you on the map.

Social Media

Effective social media marketing is all your need to put your business on the map.


Traditional but effective. That’s what you need to know about newspaper adverts.

Let’s Talk

Thinking which solution fits your needs the best? No worries. We are here to assist you. Let’s talk.


Reach targeted audience through effective promotional campaign on the Internet.

Radio Adverts

Radio is a cost effective and personalized way of reaching audiences around you.


Reach an entire niche by promoting your brand through the top magazines.


Television is a proven leader when it comes to advertising. We just make it effective.