Procurement & Manufacturing

Get a bird’s eye view of your day-to-day operations with HoRus360 – From procuring raw materials, to managing the entire manufacturing cycle, do everything with ease. Manage vendors, employees, sales, and everything else. All in one place.

Sell Online + Offline

Launch your very own eCommerce site and reach your customers worldwide. All you need is a click. Unlock limitless possibilities. Integrated with POS system that enables you to sell online and offline at the same time. Manage your inventory, keep track of your customers, and keep growing.

Better Learning

ASAP enables you to break barriers and reach your students. A complete learning management system that not only helps you deliver the content, but also track progress, plan your classes, conduct quizzes and assignments to make sure your students get the best like they deserve. Online community helps create a positive learning environment and teaches the importance of co-existence and teamwork.

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