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  • andrien15

    July 3, 2021 at 5:12 pm
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    Wipro is a very reputed company and the security is there even if you are talking about the BPS sector. I started with Wipro and am currently working for CTS. You can rest assured that it is a company that believes in its core values and pays you in long term.

    I started as an agent and currently I am Assistant Manager in the BPS field. I will not sugarcoat things. I will tell you things like they are. It is going to be tough in the beginning. Long hours and continuous call flow. But by the time you complete 6 months, you will figure out how to handle the job and it will be routine. IJP is something I would recommend you to keep your eyes on while maintaining good relationship with your colleagues as well as senior support staff.

    All the best.

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