Python Bootcamp – Beginner to Advance Course

Python is a high level programming language used by most large corporations to achieve complex tasks. From creating lighting fast search engines, to artificial intelligence, Python is the first choice for programmers around the globe.

If you have heard a lot about Python but have no idea what its all about it, or, where to start from, this course is for you. Designed for absolute beginners as well as intermediate programmers. We will start from the very basics of Python. From installing Python on your machine, to writing your first code. From there, we’ll work our way up to achieving more complex goals like writing algorithms, working with database, and more. The course has multiple quizzes to help you assess yourself, and, you earn a completion certificate on successfully completing the course and all the quizzes.

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  • Introduction
    • Taking User Input
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • The Assert Statement
  • Key Concepts
    • Operators
    • IS and IS NOT
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Boolean in Python
  • Decision Making
    • If, Else, Elif
    • Nested Conditional Statements
    • For Loop and While Loop
    • break, continue, pass Statements
    • Loop With else Block Of Code
    • Fibonacci Series In Python
  • Functions In Python
    • Defining & Calling A Function
    • Function Arguments And Return Vs Print
    • Inner Functions
    • Flow Of Execution
    • Modules In Python
  • String Indexing And Slicing
    • Strings
    • Regular & Negative Indexes
    • String Slicing
    • Immutable Strings
    • Looping & Counting Through Strings
    • String Comparison
    • String Methods
    • String Parsing
    • String Formatting
  • File Handling
    • Opening Files In Python
    • Reading Files
    • Create & Write Files
    • Renaming and Deleting Files & Folders
  • Lists In Python
    • Fundamentals Of Python Lists
    • Lists Are Mutable
    • List Operations
    • List Slicing
    • List Methods
    • Deleting Items
    • Lists & Functions
    • Parsing Lines
    • Objects & Values
    • Aliasing & List Arguments
  • Collections In Python
    • Introduction To Dictionaries
    • Updating A Dictionary
    • Length Of and Sorting A Dictionary
    • Deleting Dictionary Elements
    • Python Sets
    • Introduction Tuples
    • Assigning Tuples
    • Tuples And Dictionary
  • Exceptions In Python
    • Introduction To Exceptions
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Raising Exceptions
    • Try…Except…Finally
    • Breaking Math operation and use ZeroDivisionError
  • RegEx, PIP, JSON
    • Fundamentals Of Regular Expressions
    • Character Escape
    • Python PIP
    • Python And JSON
  • Object Oriented Programming In Python
    • Key Concepts Of OOP
    • Classes And Objects
    • Self Parameter
    • Object Methods
    • @classmethod and @staticmethod
    • Python Encapsulation
    • Inheritance
    • Super Keyword
    • Abstract Base Classes
    • Polymorphism
    • Setters And Getters
    • Delete Object And Property
    • Method Resolution Order
    • Dunder Method
  • Advance Functions
    • Lambda Function
    • Dictionary Comprehension
    • Map
    • Filter
    • Reduce & Accumulate
    • Iterator
  • Database Programming
    • Creating Database And Database Connection
    • Python Database Create Table
    • Python Database Insert Operation
    • Python Database READ Operation
    • Python Database Update Operation
    • Python Database DELETE Operation
    • Python Database Limit
  • Python And MongoDb
    • Installing MongoDb
    • Mongodb Connection
    • Mongodb Create Collection
    • Mongodb Insert Document
    • Mongodb Find Operation
    • Mongodb Query
    • Mongodb Update Operation
    • Mongodb Delete Operation
    • Mongodb limit Operation
    • Mongodb Drop The Collections

Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 Weeks

Difficulty: All Levels



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