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Accelerated business with Apxitex Cloud

Training new associates, or managing documents and collaborating with teams can be hectic at times. Apxitex Cloud provides a SaaS white label solution for your organization. 

Find answers quicker

An organized and collaborative way to find answers to your questions with Apxitex Q&A. Increase efficiency by reducing the waiting time for solutions.

Data Security

Admins get full control over their organization data. Revisions help you keep track of changes made. You get to decide with whom and how you share your data.

Manage teams

Apxitex helps you manage your team from an interactive web interface. Private Q&A board, interact with members, share documents, and much more.

Better Recruitment

Hire talents that fit your organization. A compact hiring workflow helps you save time and attract the best talents. From resume screening, to interview - 360° solution.

eLearning & Training

Create courses and articles to train your employees through modern learning. Evaluate, track their progress, and gather data that helps in better people mangement.

Customer Services

We are here to help you - always. No matter how small the issue is, our experts have your back. Our 24/7 dedicated customer service works in sync. with you.

Be part of apxitex Academy

Start learning to code from scratch with live examples, detailed study materials, in-course projects, and much more.

From learning popular programming languages like Python (the most popular programming language in the world of data collection, analysis, and machine learning), to understanding the art of scalability, and security.

Build a strong foundation. Your journey as a developer begins here. 

Interactive Learning

Upskill yourself with interactive and blended learning. Certified programs with curriculum filled with quizzes, case studies, and projects that helps you build a strong foundation.

Discover Answers

Questions are good. In fact, encouraged. Here to help. Q&A section helps you through your problems. Learning together is the right way to go. Discover more.

Distraction free self-paced learning.

All courses are self-paced. No need to rush with things. Take your time, build your foundation and move forward. Our distraction free UI helps you concentrate on the task at hand, and not worry about timelines.

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